"I had sharp left shoulder pain and lower back pain. I’ve been coming to Dr. Khoury regularly and now I’ve found that I no longer have pain. I feel so much more invigorated and healthy. I’m so grateful for finding Dr. Andrew, who actually cares about my health and well being. It’s so refreshing!"
       -Alana Hakim, Sherman Oaks, CA

"Since I started coming to see Dr. Khoury I feel so much better. I have much less back pain from my scoliosis and my posture has improved. I have more energy, too.”
       -Melanie Wilbur, Encino, CA

"My overall health has been quite good for over the years. After I turned 80, however, my flexibility isn’t quite as good and my muscles have weakened a bit. I’ve slowed down some. Each time I’ve come to Dr. Khoury with back or walking problems, he has relieved my pain and I’m able to continue on with my life. I am taking care of an 87-year-old stroke patient and it’s crucial that I stay on my feet. With Dr. Khoury’s help, I can. Thanks Dr. Khoury!”
       -Annie S. Ingalls, Sherman Oaks, CA

"Dr. Khoury has been helping me with my lower back pain through chiropractic care. I always knew that you should take care of yourself through diet, exercise and medical checkups – I never before thought about the importance of keeping my back maintained. Dr. Khoury has made a difference in how I take care of myself.”
       -Vanessa Ballantyne, North Hollywood, CA

"I’ve been seeing Dr. Khoury for back and hip pain. He helps me stay well. The office is a joy to work with – very friendly. It’s nice to know they are here for me."
       -Mary Ann Greeneish, Sherman Oaks, CA

"Every time I visit Dr. Khoury, he always fixes me up and puts me back in place. Thanks Dr. Khoury!”
       -Destiney Moore, Reseda, CA

"Since I’ve been coming to Dr. Khoury my back has never felt better…no problems at all for the past four years. And I move around like I’m 10 years younger.”
       -Steven Melton, Sherman Oaks, CA

"Dr. Khoury provides terrific maintenance care for my back and neck. He’s an excellent, caring professional."
       -Gary Saenger, Santa Clarita, CA

"I had a chronic pinched nerve giving me a terrible feeling of tension in my lower back. It was a very uncomfortable condition. I’m now feeling better. The uncomfortable feeling is gone. It took time, but the pain disappeared with Dr. Khoury’s care and the exercises he prescribed for me. I don’t have the problem anymore. I highly recommend Dr. Khoury."
       -Shirley Greenberg, Van Nuys, CA

"I was experiencing neck and back pain with tingling sensations in my hands and feet. Dr. Khoury’s excellent therapy really helped."
       -Isabella Wall, Sherman Oaks, CA

"As a teenager I was diagnosed with a curve in my spine. As I grew older, the pain got worse and worse. There were times I would collapse to the floor in pain. Well, now I can move and live my life and my pains are fading and I feel great. Dr. Khoury has given me my life back."
       -Nikki Mazerant, Sherman Oaks, CA

"An auto injury left me with lower back and neck pain. After numbness in the hands spread to the elbows, I consulted with Dr. Khoury. He knows exactly what to do to keep my body flexible and pain free between visits. It’s always a pleasure to be treated. I feel Dr. Khoury is a friend as well as my doctor."
       -Elaine Hirtie, Van Nuys, CA

"Dr. Khoury is an exceptionally caring and skilled chiropractor. He has helped me considerably for over 10 years. Dr. Khoury has kept me in terrific shape through monthly maintenance visits. I recommend him to all my friends."
       -Karen Milliken, Indio, CA