Because orthopaedics and chiropractic both focus on restoration
of the spine and joints, Active Chiro Center is pleased to make orthopaedic services available to patients who require complementary expertise for the success of their treatment.

Some of the most commonly treated conditions are

• Acute & Chronic Injuries
• Dislocations
• Fractures
• Knee Pain
• Osteoarthritis
• Shoulder Pain
• Sprains/Strains
While under care at Active Chiro Center, some of the possible therapies that can be explored are:

Physical therapy

      Back & Neck Care
      Customized Home Exercise Programs
      Functional Capacity Evaluations
      Functional Restoration Programs
      Injury Prevention/Modalities
      Pain Control & Modification
      Cold Laser Therapy

Sports rehab programs

      Occupational Therapy
      Athletic Rehabilitation
      Sports Strengthening & Conditioning
      Vertical Vibration