Active Chiro Center’s integrated approach to health and wellness incorporates many complementary disciplines, one of them being massage therapy. If it’s desired or recommended that your treatment incorporate massage, our massage therapists will work with Dr. Khoury to resolve the best type of massage for your specific needs. However, our massage services are also available solely on their own.

Massage therapy and its therapeutic benefits are reciprocal with the benefits of chiropractic; one helps the other and vice-versa. For instance, if your back muscles have been “reprogrammed” per-se, by improper, repetitious or strenuous movement, vertebrae may continually be “pulled” out of place by the muscles that are now at odds with them. The muscles themselves need to be relaxed and coaxed back to their original stasis in order for the entire musculoskeletal system to work properly. Receiving chiropractic alone may not be enough. Essentially, massage broadens the advantages of chiropractic.

We offer licensed massage therapists who specialize in diverse styles. Matching a specific style to your condition and chiropractic treatment ensures you the maximum benefit. Our offices include two, comfortable massage rooms with padded massage tables in a soothing, low-light environment for complete privacy.

Types of massage offered:
  • Acupressure
    Derived from Chinese acupuncture, acupressure is physical pressure applied only to specific points on the body by hand or by elbow.

  • Deep Tissue
    Focused on relieving severe tension located deep within muscles and connective tissue rather than on superficial muscles, this style of massage is most appropriate for individuals who experience consistent pain due to physical trauma, strenuous activity or sports. The amount of pressure applied is specific to the individual. Therefore, the patient’s input during therapy is required so that a balance between efficacy of treatment and discomfort can be achieved.

  • Reflexology
    Concentrated on areas of the feet and hands that correlate to specific organs or other parts of the body, reflexology employs pressure to promote health in those corresponding areas via energy pathways. If you have never received reflexology, some areas may be more sore or tender than others but with continued pressure, this typically decreases resulting in a very relaxing experience.

  • Shiatsu
    This eastern technique is similar to deep tissue but employs the thumbs, fingers and palms in applying pressure to the body’s energy meridians. Additional techniques sometimes utilize vibration, rolling, stretching and brushing motions.

  • Sports
    This is a type of massage that combines Swedish techniques with trigger point therapy and focuses on specific problem areas of the body. Historically, sports massage was developed for athletes but anyone can benefit from sports massage since it emphasizes healing and prevention of injuries to muscles and tendons.

  • Swedish
    This is perhaps the most widely identified style of massage in the United States yet ironically, is not known as such in Sweden where it is referred to as “classic massage.” Swedish massage has been shown to be quite useful to individuals suffering from poor circulation or those living with osteoarthritis. The technique relies on smooth, gliding strokes, kneading of superficial muscles, friction, tapping and sometimes stretching.

  • Trigger Point
    This method focuses on relieving hyperirritable spots or points in skeletal muscle that are commonly referred to as “knots.” These taut bands of muscle normally radiate pain to broader areas, sometimes quite distant from the point of origin. Occasionally, local tenderness, a twitch response or even momentary “referred pain” can be associated with this therapy due to the compression of the trigger point itself.

Policies, Procedures and Etiquette

  • Please arrive early for your massage. Your appointment time is the time at which your massage begins, not the time of your arrival. Because there may be multiple clients scheduled on your particular day, we must provide adequate time in between each client so that rooms can be cleaned and readied for the next person.

  • If you must cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call us at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations or notifications received after this time must be charged at the full rate.

  • Appointments are subject to change. Please call us to verify your massage time.

  • We ask cell phones and pagers be turned off while enjoying your massage.

  • Gratuities are greatly appreciated by our therapists but are strictly at the client's discretion.