Welcome to Active Chiro Center and thank you
for taking the time to consider us for your health and wellness needs.

A lifelong commitment to overall wellness is key to our integrated approach so everyone here performs as a team, YOUR team.

Merging time-honored chiropractic methods with the latest techniques, we work to restore independence and functionality to your daily life in an atmosphere of soothing calm. We achieve this by merging time-honored chiropractic methods with the latest techniques such as non-force techniques with ArthroStim and Activator.

Your body is the most amazing machine ever created and within it lies the natural ability to heal itself with knowledgeable guidance. Posture and gait analysis, neurological testing and range of motion tests along with individualized exercise and stretching programs combine to move you toward your goal.

To this end, we offer a broad array of complementary services that extend from chiropractic, ultra-sound and

orthopaedic treatment to massage therapy, muscle strengthening and nutritional programs. Our therapy is drugless and non-invasive, with pain relief and restoration of normal ranges of motion through powerful yet gentle techniques that are welcomed by our patients in all age groups.

If you’ve never explored the benefits of integrated chiropractic care, we invite you to visit our office today! Call us now at 818-784-2278!